5 Things You Should Have Ready Before You Post Online (by C.Ashbrook)

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They say the devil is in the detail and that is certainly the case when you are creating your online dating profile. Most dating sites will ask you a series of questions about yourself, usually in the form of tick boxes or drop down menus to make it easy. They will then give you an opportunity to enter a few freeform paragraphs which is your chance to let your personality shine through. So before you even put your fingertips to the keyboard there are some things you should have ready that will make creating your online dating profile a breeze and help you to get the date of your dreams.

Think about your vital statistics; most online dating sites will want you to enter specific details about yourself in your online dating profile, so they may ask your specific height or provide a general description tick list e.g. tall, medium height, small etc. You may also be asked to tick or describe your build (e.g. slim, athletic, overweight etc.) and sometimes your level of attractiveness. This is absurd as no one is going to describe themselves as ugly and no one should! Generally though the rule of thumb is to make sure your description matches your photo which in turn matches you!

Have your online dating photo ready; your online dating profile will not be complete without a photo and everyone will tell you that you will substantially increase the numbers of people interested in you if you post a photo. Even though you may be shy it is important to have spent some time finding a recent photo you are comfortable with using before you post your online dating profile. Take a look at some of the articles and eBooks that focus specifically on creating a dating photo and make sure you get yours right.

Prepare your online dating headline; most sites give you a chance to put a teaser or brief couple of sentences to entice people into reading your profile. This should be a short and simple paragraph or maybe a question that will make people want to read more. Try not to be too obvious and avoid clichés. Take a look at what others have put on your chosen dating site already and consider what will stand out. Remember your photo and your headline are your key sales tools and if they are not right then a potentially perfect date may just skip over your profile.

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Think of an online dating username; your username should reflect something of your personality or your character. You have to consider all possible interpretations for any username you may choose as people will read things into your online name so make sure yours says the right things about you!

Note down some general things about yourself, your hobbies and your ideal date; before you start to write your online dating profile it is a good idea to jot downs some notes that you can use to write about yourself. Think about what your friends or family say about you, what you like doing etc. Try not to worry about writing too much detail at this stage just note down whatever comes into your head and then you can pick the best of it later when you are writing your online dating profile. Remember it is better to be specific rather than too abstract so you attract people with similar interests and tastes to yourself.

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Creating an online dating profile should be a pleasure not a pain. Take the time to really think about yourself and your life before you start creating your online dating profile on your chosen dating site. Make sure you are in a positive frame of mind and relaxed then enjoy yourself. Remember to keep your daring profile real and honest but not tell them everything, there should always be a hint of something for them to find out which will intrigue them.

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