You two are so happy together!  You’re the couple that everyone wants to be.  You’ve been enjoying months or years of happiness and because of that, you, like many other happy couples believe that nothing is wrong in their very happy relationship.

But nothing has to be wrong.

In fact, we can all attest to the fact that by the time we deem an issue as a problem or decide that our pain is unbearable, we may have a greater issue because we waited for the situation to seem bleak and hopeless.

Every year, we have a yearly physical examination (or we should).  Our doctor pokes and prods us, not because anything is wrong, but to ensure that our good health is maintained.  The same should happen with our great relationships.

We’ve launched The Happy Couple Checkup to help happy couples maintain their happiness.  Using coaching, Prepare-Enrich and a uniquely crafted “date night,” we offer a program for couples who don’t have anything wrong, who are not fighting each other, and who aren’t on the verge of terminating their relationship.  This program is for couples who are happy, healthy, and moving forward with the necessary determination to make their relationship work.
After all, happy just doesn’t happen.



Unfortunately, we also know that every couple is not a happy one. If your relationship or marriage is in crisis, please contact us using the tab to your right, or call 713.678.0052.