The Business of Dating: The USP

Most of you don’t know that before I am a relationship and love enthusiast, I am a business and marketing junkie. That being said, it’s not far fetched to begin to look at dating as a business. Two people (or entities) come together (or merge) to create something successful…enough said.

So, I have had many conversation with women about what they bring to the table, as they are very clear about what what they want from a man, I find this to be a great distraction when I turn the tables on them. While most women can describe numerous traits (and unique ones) that they are looking for in a man, they tend to generalize who they are and what they bring to the table.

Enter the USP.

The USP is the Unique Selling Proposition. It is the reason why Tide doesn look like Gain, or why Eternity doesn’t smell like Issey Miyake…you get the idea.

Every woman (and man) has a USP. But for the most part, women don’t explore this fully. When asked what they bring to the table, most list teh following generic qualities:

  • I’m nice
  • I’m a good person
  • I try to help
  • I support the people in my life
  • I’m a Christian…and on and on.

Here’s what you need to know. There nothing on that list (which I shortened) that is unique. There are good girls all around. There are Christian women all around (seriously). The truth is that while most women want some unique traits in a man, they have yet to explore the unique things that they bring to the table. They have yet to say the things that you can ONLY get by being with me (you).

That’s your USP, and once you find it…you will see things is a totally different way. Instead of feeling as if he just didn’t want a nice person or that he needs a nice person (for you chronic “fixers”), you will really say.  He wasn’t worthy of my phenomenal kissing powers, or he might be a great compliment to my ability to create things beyond the wildest imagination.  A USP is specific and it will give you the GREATEST sense of pride when you KNOW what you TRULY bring to the table and have to offer.

I’m all for a little ego trip, especially if it helps you be better for life and love. 😉

If you’re ready to find your USP…you know who to call…err, contact.

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