Anyone can sit down with a coach for an hour or so, but very few can have a unique coaching experience.  These programs have been created for the person (or persons) who want to take others on their journey with them.

You’re so kind!  So, we’ve created these programs just for you!

Unique Coaching Experience

Bring you and two (2) of your closest friends to a dinner with self-love in mind.  Four a Great Dinner Date is a private dining experience at a geographically-neutral location.  At the conclusion of this dinner, you and your friends will have action steps to take your next steps to greater levels of success, happiness, peace, and financial prosperity.

This unique coaching experience is perfect for a group of business owners, business partners, friends with goals, or for two (2) couples—dinner for five.  There’s always room for one more…right!?


So, perhaps you don’t remember the crazy movie from the 80’s that inspired the name of this program, but you will remember what you will have accomplished when your Weekend at Firmie’s is over. Life happens, and when it does, someone you might find yourself, low on time, but ready for change.  We get it.  Consider a weekend intensive!  From Friday to Sunday Morning, you will work on your goals with the backdrop of one Houston’s (or another city) amazing hotels inspiring you every step of the way.  Spend 48 hours loving you…and meaning it!  I guess we could call it “Project LYMI,”  huh?  Regardless of what we call it, are you ready for one of the best weekends of your life?


No…not that kind of “passion party!”  But you bring the friends, we’ll bring the libations (food and refreshments) and the inspiration, you bring the big ideas and the bold steps you want to take to make it happen.  This is an in-home/group coaching experience for up to six (6) friends for two (2) hours.  This is a great experience for those who want to bring life-changing results to girls night, a teenage slumber party, or a co-ed social gathering.

Unique coaching programs can be designed or modified for your group.  Click below to start your new adventure!