What is a Wedding Officiant?

Let’s start with a definition: A wedding officiant is an individual who performs acts of marriage.  Their main responsibility is to witness the consent of the intended spouses for the wedding license and hence validate the marriage or civil union for legal purposes.  They could be a judge, an ordained minister, or someone you met at the mall, as long as they have the credentials to perform a ceremony is your chosen city, county and state.

Wow! That sounds official.  Let’s make things a little more simple.  At The Relationship Firm, we believe that your wedding officiant is the person who ensures that your ceremony is a true symbol of “he” and “she” “becoming we.”  Whether you are eloping with the two of you or planning an affair for 500+, your ceremony should reflect your belief in and love for each other.

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Meet Our Officiant: Tracie Jae

Tracie Jae is an Ordained, Non-Denominational Minister since September, 2013. In this role, she joyfully serves as officiant for Christian or non-religious weddings both traditional and non-traditional.
She lives by the motto, “Love first. Always.” and delights in joining two fully-formed individuals to one common life.
The wedding day is one of the most special and memorable occasions of our lives, so she works with each couple to create a ceremony that will compliment their tastes, values and personalities.

So how does it work?

  • Step One: Contact us.
  • Step Two: Talk to Tracie…and prepare yourself for an amazing conversation.
  • Step Three: Decide that you must have Tracie officiate your wedding.
  • Step Four: Decide on a package: Officiant Only or Officiant+Coaching
  • Step Five: Tell Tracie what you’ve decided.
  • Step Six: Get married!

Questions to ask yourself (and your spouse-to-be):

  • Do we need help with our vows?
  • Will we want our wedding officiant to attend the rehearsal dinner?
  • What type of ceremony do we want? (AKA “How awesome do we want our wedding to be?)
  • Will spiritual beliefs be displayed at our ceremony?
  • Do we want premarital coaching? (And yes, there is a combo package for officiant and coaching services.)
  • Do we need more than just an officiant?  Click here to visit The Wedding Firm.

In conclusion, we are Team Marriage at The Relationship Firm.  We know how special your wedding should be, and we are excited to be a part of your new life together as husband and wife.  So, whatever we can do to get you down the aisle and into the next chapter of your life, we’re committed to making it happen for you!