Premarital and Marital Programs

“Oh wow! We have never talked about that!”

Testimonial from Coach Steph’s last premarital coaching session.

“I don’t know where we would be without coming to you…we’re no longer getting divorced.”

Testimonial from Coach Steph’s last marriage mediation session.

Premarital coaching is an area that few venture into.  most husbands and wives to-be simply talk to the pastor for six weeks and then walk down the aisle…BIG MISTAKE!

Now if you are already married, I’d recommend some post-nuptial coaching and allow us to find you a successfully (and happily) married couple to be your marriage “mentors.”  The truth is that most people don’t talk about the challenges of being married, and they expect newlyweds to become a functioning marital unit overnight.  It doesn’t happen like that.

Communication and becoming one (or as we say at The Firm, “becoming we”) is the key.  You have to learn each other’s languages and that takes time.  If you’ve already had your first argument as a married couple, that’s okay.  Conflict in itself isn’t bad–but how you handle it can be.

I am not married (yet), however, I respect the institution and know that every marriage is different.  I coach married couples based on the spiritual principles of being man and wife, and on the practicality of having a successful relationship with another human being, which includes understanding both the differences and similarities between the two of you.  Finding and appreciating your differences and similarities will mean the difference between “happily ever after,” and “happily NEVER after.”

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