breakup. breaking up, broke up, divorcing, divorceBreakups (or break-ups)–we like it as one word–do happen.  And when they do, we are challenge to grieve for what we have lost, and to make room for what comes next…or back again.

Most people remember the call, text, or email that brought their relationship to a close.  The day that he or she told you that it was over is mostly described as bittersweet.  Bitter because of the pain that would follow, and sweet, because the days, weeks, and nights, of frustrations, and stress are now over.

When he figured out that for whatever reason this wasn’t working, he sent her text saying, “I can’t do this anymore. Sorry.”  Stumped and confused she replied, “do what?” He replied, “us.”  Unwilling to be broken by his response, she says, “ok.” From this moment, she goes on about her day, though saddened by his lack of interest to terminate their relationship “appropriately.”

We’ve all been there, and that’s why this program is so special.  The Break Up Plan is a Five-Week program that will bring you peace in a time when chaos could easily take over your mind–and your life.  Each week, we will look at a step in D-Method (our breakup method), and develop actions that you will take through this week to keep your break up from breaking you.

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The Break Up Plan includes:

  • Your copy of our e-book, The BreakUp Book.
  • Five course online program
  • Two (2) One-on-One calls with a coach of your choice.
  • Membership in our Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Timeline photos to use in social media, to bring inspiration and encourage to others during your time of healing…and to keep you from sending subliminals. (You know who you are!)


This program is perfect for anyone who is going through or who has ever gone through a break up and needs to find their peace again.  This program will restore your heart space, release your resentment (if any), and reinforce your greatness!

While you decide, why not start our 21-Day Self-Love Challenge, just to bring your focus back to you!