Life Coaching #LYMI


We start every life coaching relationship on a quest for you to love you.  It’s sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  But how many people do you know who truly love themselves?  How many people put themselves, selfishly (gasp!) above others when the situation calls for it?

Do you love yourself?  Be honest.  Many people believe that they do.

Sadly, most don’t.

We know that Life Coaching is a buzzword in many circles.  Not only is it popular, but there are life coaches everywhere!  But very few coaches are willing to bear their scars to help you achieve your own. (Yes, you want scars, because wounds will continue to cause you pain.)  As such is the case, we thank you for being on this page, and

considering allowing us to join your on your journey.

Back to loving you…

How many times has someone called our office about relationship coaching when they need life coaching?  Countless! 

So, before we can examine this “relationship with others” thing, we have to look at the “relationship with myself” thing.  Now there are quite a few ways that we can do this–life coaching, introspection, wellness coaching–so we’ll leave the choice up to you, as it may be the first selfish thing you’ve done in awhile.

What a great segue into a conversation on selfishness.  Contrary to some popular beliefs, there’s nothing wrong with being selfish when the situation calls for it.  In fact, we have to be selfish sometimes if we hope to honor ourselves and to have the abundantly joyful life that we truly deserve.  It takes selfishness to decide that you need to take an hour of your time for yourself to sit down with for some life coaching.  So, a little selfishness is a good thing!

Most of our relationship issues would be solved if we just loved ourselves.  So love YOU! Mean it!  And as a good friend of mine (and possibly your new coach) would add, love first. Always.

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