That’s the sound of pure excitement!  Membership has it’s privileges, right?  Well, that’s why are we excited, because we’re offering membership programs to keep you achieving your goals–whether you are single or “boo’ed up.” (This means that you are a couple.*)

Why do you want to be a member of the Get Firm Club?  That’s easy…you know you need someone that is not your bestie, or your family to be a part of your life.  You want to some there to cheer you on, AND to give you the truth about your next steps.  Sure you can make things happen, but it’s the best players who listen to their coach and follow his or her strategy for victory.

*Please note: Memberships cannot be used towards premarital coaching programs.

 So, let’s meet the memberships, shall we?  OKAYSIES.

The Get Firm 30 Membership program includes one 30-minute coaching/strategy/spiritual session per month via phone. This membership is perfect for the person in need of an accountability partner for achieving their specific goals.  If you are great at getting things done, but you want someone to check in with, or report to…this is the membership that you need.

It also includes other goodies from special content, to discounted rates on online products, to bonus group sessions.

The Get Firm 60 Membership program includes one 60-minute coaching/strategy/spiritual session via phone or in person. This is perfect for individuals, or couples–especially if they are in the process of creating new rituals and expectations.  If you’re a newlywed who wants to keep your love growing–this is your plan.  If you’re in the middle of a shift in your personal or professional life–this is your plan.  If you just want more than a 30 minute session–this is your plan.

Your goodies are too many to list…you get everything new…FIRST, and many times–it will be free or discounted up to 90% off!  Can you handle it?  We know you can!

P.S.  There is also a Get Firm 120 membership! (See below.)

Well, now that you have the details, it’s your turn to join the club…what type of member are you?