We believe that at least 20 PERCENT of your wedding budget should be spent on premarital AND post-marital counseling or coaching.

However, many husbands and wives to-be simply talk to the pastor who will marry them for six weeks and then walk down the aisle…BIG MISTAKE! 

While it may be convenient, we believe that premarital coaching is about more than 5 or 6 casual conversations.  It is about taking a close look at what makes you work as a married couple…and what doesn’t work.  In our programs we are developing customized action plans that include five different forms of intimacy, as well as discussing your financial plan and creating expectations for conflict resolution.


Already married? Then let’s create a plan to stay on track or to get on track.

Full disclosure: The first couple that Steph ever coached walked in and said, “we don’t know whether to get married or break up!”  Let the coaching begin.  Ultimately, they broke up, but the sessions they had prepared them for the next person, or for their next try.  Since then, we’ve worked with numerous couples…and our marital coaching percentage is at 100 percent.

If you are already married, We’d recommend some marital coaching and allow us to find you a successfully (and happily) married couple to be your marriage “mentors.”  The truth is that most people don’t talk about the challenges of being married, and they expect newlyweds to become a functioning marital unit overnight.  It doesn’t happen like that.

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Becoming we is a process…better yet, it’s a journey, and we’re ready to take it with you!

Additionally, you’ll save $$$ on your Texas marriage license because The Relationship Firm is an approved Twogether In Texas services provider.

Communication and becoming one (or as we say at The Firm, “becoming we”) is the key.  You have to learn each other’s languages and that takes time.  If you’ve already had your first argument as a married couple, that’s okay.  Conflict in itself isn’t bad–it’s how you handle it.

We coach premarital and married couples based on diverse spiritual principles of being man and wife, and on the practicality of having a successful relationship with another human being, which includes understanding both the differences and similarities between the two of you.  Finding and appreciating your differences and similarities will mean the difference between “happily ever after,” and “happily NEVER after.”

…and then we might take a trip to the trampoline park.  Don’t ask…but know that it’s awesome!

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This 50-minute coaching session allows us to “discover” if we can work together to achieve your goals. This session is facilitated via phone and requires that all parties submit their completed paperwork, and arrive on time for the session.

A payment is required, and is non-refundable. The fee may be applied to the coaching program or package chosen after this session is completed.  Please use the button below to pay and schedule your session, if you are are ready to take the first step.


PRESENTING: Redefine…Refocus…Reinvent.

We now have three menus of result-driven coaching programs that are available.  From healing past traumas (present tr and coping with a breakup to evolving a relationship into a partnership, The Relationship Firm has meticulously developed more than 12 coaching programs to exceed your single, premarital, and marital expectations.  We used our 10 years of experience servicing Houston’s most amazing singles and couples to create relationship and life coaching programs that will literally blow your mind…and heal your heart (if need be.)

After the Discover Session, we will be able to determine which of our coaching menus will meet your goals.  The next steps are then up to you.

We currently offer programs in increments of two, four, eight and twelve sessions.  AND!  We have a menu of Special Topics for entrepreneurial couples, new coaches and business owners–coupled or otherwise.

It’s an exciting time at The Relationship Firm, and we’re grateful to be a part of helping your relationship and you life #GetFirm.