Corporate & Team Coaching:

  • Cultivating Business Relationships
  • Communication Dynamics
  • Relationships & Impacting Sales
  • Team Dynamics, in general

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you more about how The Relationship Firm can help your company, for-profit organization, non-for-profit organization, or sales team.

Your team is important.  Build a better team, and inevitably your organizational will experience a better bottom line…or it should.  When corporate teams become dysfunctional because of informal or unwelcome leadership, creative differences, inconsistent results or interpersonal conflicts, something must be done, and it must be done expediently.  Corporate Coaching and Business Relationship Coaching are two of many solutions that can be crafted to help your team exceed your expectations.

As a professor, I deal with the challenges of team dynamics often.  Every class, I have at least one team that has difficulties developing the synergy necessary to complete their assignments.  I use my credentials in professional and relationship coaching to create a line of questioning that allows the team members to develop a viable solution to their problem.  They then go on to be successful and produce great work.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I bring my understanding of marketing and growing successful ventures, to developing teams that market and grow yours as well.

Every team will have challenges.  First they form, then they storm, and so on and so forth.  Creating positive team dynamics allows your team to not only complete their “assignments” but to work cohesively to exceed your expectations.