Yes! The Relationship Firm coaches teens and college students…

“When I was a teenager, I was blessed to have a person in my life who was old enough to know better, but young enough to remember. She helped me through some of my greatest challenges, and still does to this day. I cherish this person and what they brought to my life–someone who I could turn to, when it seemed no one else would understand. Having an understanding perspective available is necessary even when our parents are the best we could ever have. She helped me grow and learn lessons that I might otherwise not have learned–and I needed them. I’d like to be that for your teen.”

Coaching is not just for teens with problems.  All teens can benefit from life coaching (look at the picture above).  It’s my experience that teens who are “great kids,” need the balance of having another person in their lives who can advocate for their dreams and goals, teach them valuable skills for their post high school lives, and mentor them with a unique understanding of what the real world wants from them. 

When those teens become college students, this is another pivotal time in their lives, and we want to help.  We even wrote a book about it.

Contact us to help your teen KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER, and BE THEIR BEST!

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