My Statement on Open Marriages (cont’d from

Regarding “open marriages” there is no such thing.  The liberties that we have taken with relationships, in general, is evident by the massive fail we are experiencing.  We have settled for being babymamas and daddies, instead of waiting for committed relationships.  We have redefined sex, so that it is has lost its Divine meaning, is now about conquests and power.  We have built lives on the promise of being someone’s “wifey,” or live-in girlfriend, instead of believing that we are worthy of being “wives.”  And now, we want to offer up marriage as yet another relational sacrificial lamb?  We cannot.  We have no right.  The institution of marriage was established long before any of us even came into existence.  Marriage is meant to stand as a testament to the commitment of two people to love, honor, cherish and submit to each other.  If we are committed to each other, then we cannot have sex with other people, in the name of our marriage…and we should not accept such behavior in the name of our marriage.

It is my opinion that anyone who participates in an “open marriage” is openly stating that he or she lacks self-worth. 

Bottom line: There is no such thing as an open marriage.  Open marriage is simply dating—if it must be defined. And if you want to keep dating, keep the rings and the “I do’s” out of it, because it apparently is more than you are ready to handle.

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