So…Jimmy Put a Ring on it!

Three words… MOR. TI. FIED!

 Along with millions of viewers, I watched as Jim Jones proposed to longtime, live-in “wifey” Chrissy Lampkin on their popular VH1 Show, “Love and Hip Hop.”

The proposal caused emotional reactions throughout the Twitterverse, and just may have inspired millions of single women to take control of their situations, so that they too, could get a nice piece of ice on that special finger.

I saw the tweets and facebook statuses that were so happy for her.  Some people were actually crying.   There’s only one problem…

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2 thoughts on “So…Jimmy Put a Ring on it!

  1. I am very proud of Chrissy. If she had never taken a stand, Jimmy never would have come around. People will go as far as you allow…espcially men!

    1. Thanks for the comment my love. You are definitely entitled to your opinions, but I feel that cajoling someone into marriage is not taking a stand. Leaving the relationship and demonstrating that you can stand on your own would’ve been taking stand, and setting the example to millions of female viewers that if he doesn’t value your presence, then he should not be privileged to enjoy it…but I don’t believe that shackin’ up helps any relationship.

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